Brand Identity

Your brand is what people say about you. What’s the one word you want to pop in their minds when they think of you? Let us find it and bring it to life through your visuals, messaging, reputation and actions.

Core DNA Discovery

A logo is not your brand. It’s merely the visual depiction of it. Building a brand takes work. You need to get to the heart of your company. Uncover your company’s culture. Go beyond that dry mission statement and find the one truth that resonates with your employees, your customers and your potential customers.

Voice and Messaging

Writing is more than just following AP Style and running spellcheck. It means using your brand’s tone and voice in all media, from e-Books to videos to calls-to-action on an email button. Having different writers on your brand likely means your brand is inconsistent and confusing to your customers. This is where having Element5 assign one writer to your brand comes in. One writer who knows your brand inside and out and can speak consistently across platforms and mediums.

Elevator pitch

Can’t describe your business in under a paragraph? Let us craft an “elevator pitch” for you, so you can literally explain what your business does in fewer than two sentences. Clarity of messaging is critical today, especially with everyone’s reduced attention spans.

Branding Rollouts

You have your new brand. New logo. Your new stationery, email signatures and social media artwork are all ready to go. There’s just one problem; your company has had the same branding since 1922. How do you get everyone on board with the new look and feel, new messaging, and tone and voice?

Element5 has rolled out lots of branding for companies, and we’re darn good at creating rollout plans with a logical cadence to them.

New Call-to-action

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