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February 2016

At Element5, we work hard to translate our clients’ passion and promises into tangible web designs. As a team, we strive to create brilliant and engaging web designs that fulfill our clients’ distinct needs and drives customers to their door. Over the last several months we’ve launched three new websites. While each one is unique to their industry, all of them are emblematic of our own promise: to craft a better web.

1. Crest Pontoon 


From the very beginning, our team was determined to create a web design that fully embraced these boat builders’ mission: luxury, style & performance without compromise. From the animated visuals to the curling font, we aimed for each piece of to Crest Pontoon’s website to reflect their commitment to bring boaters a tremendous waterborne experience. At the request of our client, we created a custom, easy to use the mobile site to support the high amount of mobile traffic the company predicted. While most potential buyers wouldn’t use the mobile site to make a purchase, many did use the site to surf pontoons while out on a friend’s boat and even pick out the perfect boat for them. Therefore, we took extreme care to design and develop Crest’s mobile site to ensure that their viewers’ experience would be “smooth sailing”.

2. North Pointe Capital


Throughout the entire design and development of North Pointe Capital’s website, we made sure to infuse the investment management firm’s principles – diligence, creativity, decisiveness, and foresight – into every piece of their website. To demonstrate their commitment to their clients’ community, we created an interactive timeline to give their viewers a way to walk through the years of investment North Pointe Capital had put both in their firm as well as their community. To accommodate and make their many values and opportunities easily accessible our team designed a special mega menu that allows their viewers to easily navigate between their different strategies and that illustrates their deep-rooted belief in their intrinsic value philosophy.

3. Castles ‘n’ Coasters


To help Castles ‘n’ Coasters live up to its promise of being “Arizona’s finest family fun &thrill park”, our team created a bright castle-themed website that showcases the fun that could be had by all who entered. Designed with many fun-filled photos and live video of one of their coasters, we brought to life the thrill parks excitement. Combined with an easy navigation bar and directions at the bottom of each page, we made sure that no matter if they were young or old, big or small, every visitor had a way of finding Castle ‘n’ Coasters and knew of all the rides and activity awaiting them.

Visualizing your brand’s promise let alone creating a physical representation of it can be tricky. That’s why at Element5 we go to great lengths to ensure all our clients’ values and visions comes to life on their monitors and thrives in the digital world. Are you struggling to bring your company’s promise to life? We’d love to help! Drop us a line and tell us how we can help you and your brand thrive in the digital world.



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