As many people would probably assume, young adults are more likely to use the internet for its vast array of resources than any other age group. Older users tend to start utilizing most aspects of the internet after the younger crowd has been attracted to them. This trend holds true for social networking. Younger users logged on and created accounts in the early stages of social networking. Older users began using social networking at a much slower rate. However, the trend has definitely caught on and social networkers come from a variety of demographics.

Many Facebook users have started “liking” their favorite brands. By staying connecting with their favorite brands, Facebook users can easily keep updated on new products, reviews and easily communicate their opinions to the company.

In September of 2010, 60% of users ranging from 18-34 years old had “liked” a brand. In the same month, only 24% of users above 55 years old had used this Facebook feature. A survey conducted in April of 2011 found that significantly more users are staying connected to their favorite brands on Facebook. 43% of users above 55 years old have now “liked” a company. That is a 19% increase in a mere eight months.

Younger users, 18-34 years old, are still using this feature more than any other age group. However, this transition shows a lot of potential for several companies geared to older consumers. Knowing that these users are using social networking to stay connected to brands has the prospect to change how many companies market their products.



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