Who is Element5?

We brand and grow businesses that focus on recurring revenue.

If your website, marketing, social media or emails aren’t making a dent in the universe, you should call us. We can help. We’ve been crafting a better web for over 20 years, one website at a time. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. We win a surprising number of design awards. Better still, our partners are seeing the results. They’re getting the calls and leads from people who actually want what they have to offer

 We are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush.

We view our work through lenses, five elements if you will:

Fire stood for action and passion in the old texts

Our creative spark ignites vibrant ideas that are fueled by our passion and enthusiasm. The dedication we have to clients, combined with our excitement for each project, results in a high-energy work environment that allows us to flourish both individually and as a team. We thrive when we’re brainstorming freely; even the most absurd ideas can translate into real, actionable concepts that make a serious impact on a company’s identity, voice, and online presence.

Air is our free flow of creativity and communication

Air represents our team’s expressive abilities, which allows us to work closely with our clients and build lasting relationships. We work in the digital sphere because of its ability to inspire new and great things. Continuously communicating with our clients allows us to understand and utilize the culture they’ve created internally, and express those visions on the web through branding, design, development, marketing and beyond. We provide straightforward online solutions for the individual needs of each client.

Earth is the grounding element

The opportunities on the web are constantly changing and transforming. While this excites and motivates our team, it also requires us to remain focused. Earth represents our core mission of crafting practical, no-nonsense solutions that aid clients on and offline. At Element5, we create stable, grounded connections with our clients that translate into long-term relationships. We’re committed to growth – both for ourselves and those that we work with.

Water symbolizes our ability to adapt

As the only substance that can be readily observed in all three states, water represents our ability to adapt. With the ever-changing web, we approach each project with an innovative eye, always focusing on the needs of that particular client. At Element5, we find great joy in keeping up with the newest technologies and adapting that knowledge to the specific goals of each project. Working in a collaborative atmosphere propels each of us to challenge the expected and produce extraordinary work to advance the success of each client.

Web is our favorite element

The web now presents a new necessity. Allowing businesses to connect with consumers both globally and locally, the web has no boundaries. We are all equal in a land with endless opportunities. The web gives every company the ability to share its voice on platforms that complement its business objectives – reaching potential customers where they spend much of their day. Through our discovery process, the Element5 team is able to identify and utilize the right platforms for each client, expanding that company’s voice, reach and awareness.

Our team

Work hard, play hard.

Are you obsessed with everything digital? Are you a creative savant?

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The brainchild of our CEO, Paul Chambers, Element5 began as a home business in his basement. It was funded by a loan from his grandfather. Little known fact, the company was originally called Core3 Solutions; we offered three services: Web Design, Hosting and I.T. services. In 2015, we spun off our other services to focus on web design and marketing. In keeping with our noun + numeral naming rule, we renamed the company Element5. We brought on digital strategist, Dave Linabury, and account director, Amanda Hotts to the mix—both 20-year veterans from national agencies.

Now in our 20th year, we are now at our 6th location in Troy.

Paul is happy to report that he no longer works from his basement.

From humble beginnings…

Element5 has been making the Web a better place for 20 years (96 dog years).

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Element5 is part of the Core3 Solutions Family

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