jeff huysentruyt award-winning website design winnerThe Element5 team made some serious accomplishments in 2014. We are constantly pushing ourselves to reach new depths in our creative abilities and take great pride in the success that motivation brings to our clients.

For website redesign projects, our designer, Jeffrey Huysentruyt, channels his creative magic to heighten the client’s existing identity. While we think every website Jeff designs is brilliant, three of his designs recent earned awards, and we couldn’t be more proud of the teamwork that made these honors possible.

Our team strives to produce award-winning website design for each and every client.

Platinum Marcom Awards for Website Design 

Walsh College

The redesigned website for Walsh College launched in July. For this project, Jeff used Walsh’s extended color palette to produce a modern style throughout the site. The enhanced look and feel earned the Walsh website a 2014 Platinum Marcom award.

“Dave Linabury went through extensive wireframing and sitemapping for Walsh, and I was able to turn that into the award-winning website design it became,” Jeffrey said.

This website is more than just a pretty face. The improved user interface has lead to astounding success for Walsh’s overall website performance:

  • Sessions increased 21.65%
  • Pageviews increased 24%
  • New users increased 44%
  • Organic search increased 13.11%
  • Conversions increased 24.49%

“It really was a team effort to achieve those stats for Walsh. The success was a great mixture of all the pieces coming together and working well collectively,” Jeff said.

jeff juggling the trophies received for award-winning website designC.J. Barrymore’s

With the family entertainment center industry being highly competitive and full of cookie-cutter websites, C.J. Barrymore’s was on a mission to stand out. The site features a unique design as fun as the establishment itself and brings some other perks as well. The homepage that’s displayed is relevant to the current weather—depending on whether indoor or outdoor activities are more appropriate for the current climate.

“One of the owners from CJ’s said, ‘Think about websites 5 years in the future and make mine like that,’” Jeffrey explained. “I did some brainstorming and came up with the idea to make the display relevant to the weather, because that was a major factor for C.J. Barrymores’ customers. I also decided to add a video background to the homepage of the site. These were things that no other company in the industry was doing.”

In addition, the old site was not designed for viewing on mobile devices. The makeover included a responsive website design, which enhanced the mobile experience exponentially. Since the re-launch, the CJ Barrymore’s site has achieved:

  • 20% increase in party bookings year over year
  • 14% increase in organic traffic
  • 45% increase in mobile users

“A very large percentage of CJs’ traffic was visiting on mobile devices, so creating a great mobile experience was a big priority with this redesign. The mobile traffic was high before, but providing a better experience has increased that traffic even more,” Jeff said.

Silver Davey Award for Visual Appeal 

Random Socks

Random Socks is a monthly sock subscription that sends a unique pair of socks to subscribers’ doorsteps each and every month. As an in-house brand, our team holds a great passion for the brand and worked together to see it excel.

As a new kind of service with a fresh identity, Jeff had free range to give the brand its own personality. From the purple and teal coloring to the quirky content used throughout, the Random Socks website design is as cool as the company itself.

These accomplishments would not be possible without our exceptional team. Teamwork is truly something we incorporated into every project and is an important part of our success. We’ve set the bar for ourselves, and with each achievement we reach that bar continues to rise. Lucky for us, our team is filled with some pretty high jumpers. We’ll see you in 2015, Marcom and Davey!

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