Month: June 2011


SEO and SEM Go Hand in Hand

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are key elements in running a successful online marketing campaign. Historically in marketing companies, individual departments have always worked on specific tasks within their field. As time goes on, SEM and SEO teams are finding the benefits of working together. By integrating the two, teams can complement each other in order to increase conversation rates and work toward a profitable marketing campaign.


What Media is in Your Online Marketing Mix?

Many small businesses struggle to get up a website, let alone try to conquer other online marketing efforts. Time, budgetary constraints, and lack of understanding seem to be the top reasons why these businesses don’t pursue additional marketing channels. In a booming economy, this might be acceptable, but when faced with the economic conditions of today, it is imperative that businesses utilize all opportunities available to increase brand awareness and generate sales.