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2 Things You Need To Know About Our Web Development Process

Lyle King Red

By Lyle King Red | January 2017

Have you ever been in a meeting and realized that you don’t know what half the words coming out of the other person’s mouth mean?

Yeah, we feel you. We really do.

Well maybe not when it comes to web development, but certainly when it comes to say horticulture.

If you are not immersed in the world of web development and design day in and day out, certain words or phrases may sound like a different language — especially when it comes to web development lingo. And understanding the actual web development process? Forget it.

Two phrases we use at Element5 a lot when we talk about what we do is Custom Sites, and Customized Back ends. So in the spirit of clarity, let’s break these two phrases down first.

CUSTOM SITES: are websites that are built from scratch. No predesigned template, no nothing. For all our clients we design and create a site that caters specifically to their needs. We recently just won AVA Digital Award for the custom site we built for a one of a kind gym. You can check out Applied Fitness Solutions’ website here.

CUSTOM BACK END: is a customized “behind the scenes” of any website. There you will be able to add to and edit your website as well as track how your site is overall performing.

Also, fun fact, while “back end” is technically the correct way to write the noun version of this word, more people search the term as backend. Who knows, by next year the official verdict could change.

Ok, now that we got that sorted out, let’s get to the nitty gritty details of our web development process here at Element5.

THE TOOLS WE USE: WPengine & WordPress

At Element5 the two main tools we use to build some of the best sites in the industry are WPengine and WordPress.

WPengine is the hosting provider we partner with for the majority of our sites. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the client where they want their site hosted. Using WPengine, we can backup our client’s entire site (or more if needed) on a daily basis. We can also provide them with automated updates, the best plugins WordPress offers, and a server set up that will ensure the fastest load times. Last but not least, using WPengine we can create a powerful staging site which allows us to perform updates or debug any issues on a hidden version of their website while the live website remains untouched.

We are happy to report that after many years of running many sites on WPengine’s hosting, we have had practically no website downtime and immediate server support. This has ensured that no matter the size, every website is running at 100%.

Furthermore, all of WPengine services are tailored and developed with WordPress in mind making it the perfect hosting partner for a WordPress Site Development agency (read Element5).

This brings us to the second component all our websites have in common: WordPress. As of today, we checked, WordPress is powering 27% of the web, making it a pretty popular tool. Due to the user-friendly nature of WordPress, we can provide all our clients with a website that can be updated and managed with ease. No matter if you are a web developer or not, WordPress’s intuitive interface and awesome user experience allows anyone to master and manage one of their sites. In fact, the majority of clients find it so easy that they can make all the updates to their sites. But of course, Element5 is always here to help.

While you may be thinking that this has started to sound like an ode to WPengine and WordPress (which maybe it is), we do deliver more than what either of these companies offer.

At Element5 we hand our clients more than just a basic WordPress site. At the end of working with us, they will have their very own custom site. Moreover, our developers also customize the back end of all our WordPress sites so that each one includes:

  • instructions on how to maintain it for both basic and advanced users
  • viewable analytics in the form of an easy to understand dashboard
  • a history record of all updates performed on the site based on user and time
  • a simplified back end, by removing unneeded options that just confuse the average user
  • a face-to-face training session where the developer walks the client through how to update their site

It’s also worth mentioning that at Element5 we only use the best plugins on our websites. While there are hundreds of plugins out there, our favorites are Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, Relevanssi, and Yoast SEO. We provide regular updates to all our clients’ plugins as well.

Bottom line is we will create a custom website for each of our clients based on their unique set of needs. Yes, WordPress and WPengine are the main tools that help us build beautiful, user-friendly sites, but it’s our team’s “do the right thing” attitude that truly sets us apart.


  1. We create custom sites and customized back ends for all our clients.
  2. The two main tools we use are WordPress and WPengine.
  3. These two tools allow us to create awesome, beautiful, and user-friendly websites.
  4. While a lot of other web development companies use them as well, what makes us stand out is how we use them and the customer service we provide.
  5. And finally, we will always do the right thing. The client comes first no matter what.
Lyle King Red

Written by

Lyle King Red

Lyle works side by side with our design team, figuring out the best way to bring the artwork they create to life.

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